Pastels Today and Forever – Women’s Streetwear

katespade pink  shop-the-look pastel  RODEBJER pink


Kate Spade’s (shown Left) ,”Pretty in Pink”, look for this Spring’s 2013 collection

is definitely a look that comes along every year.  The next image is a breakdown of a pastel look for Spring.

1. Danniljo earrings    2. Stella Mc Caryney Sweater  3. Diane von Furstenberg clutch

4. Tabbitha Simmons boots   5. J Brand pants  6. Chanel Sky Line nail polish

The most versatile items from this selection would be the pants, earrings, and nail polish.

Carin Rodebjer’s pink cardigan (shown far Right) is yet another classic pastel look that is recycled again and again.  It is

feminine, cutsie, and above all classic. We cannot escape pastels ladies, especially in the Springtime. Will these looks be

around in 2014?  My best guess is most definitely!

Author: Jessica Dominguez


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