And here’s the last word.

As expected with each new fashion year comes a variety of looks that both envelope the future and relish the past, and women’s ready to wear was no exception. Featuring a plethora of styles both good and bad, it seems that the primary look for the upcoming spring looks is a mixture of Mod and Modern in kicked up neon-pastels and futuristic metallics. Silhouettes and palettes may turn flowier and towards the exotic once summer hits, but for now, surreal and washed out looks and tones are the big selling point. The majority of styles reminisce of tailored garments which nod toward a Euro/London menswear style and close with a feminine finish. While not all styling found is terribly flattering on the female form, the waist and decollate are key sexual focal points in much of the clothing-  as waists are being accentuated with smart belts and figure hugging dresses, or ignored with Twiggy-type shifts. The necklines also vary in the extremes, either covering it all or dropping to bare all.


Lots of love,



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