Rainbow Fabrics to Dye For

American Denimatrix<


This design is by American Denimatrix.  The look consists of rainbows of multicolor dyes.  Tye dye is once again emerging with more extreme, dramatic, and sophisticated looks. Shown here in denim,  I suspect teenage girls and guys will take on this style.

Author- Jessica Dominguez


Whitewash and Neo Camo in NYC Trade Shows

Whitewash denim by Kaltex Whitened and matte resin coatings

Kaltex Neo Camo Blue Farm Neo Camo


The pic shown top-left, is a white wash denim by Kaltex, and the image top-right, is a whitened and matte resin coated denim by Mou Fung Unlimited.  These looks are a hot item at the NYC Trade Shows.  It has a bit of a 80’s vibe and will definitely be affordable to the mass public.

The image, Bottom-left is a neo-camo print by Kaltex.  It features prints and patterns derived by laser technology.

Bottom-right, is a photo of a neo/camo print from Blue-Farms Fall/Winter 2013 collection.  The camo look reminds me of what was popular in the 90’s. Will I run out and purchase an item inspired by this trend? probably not.

Author- Jessica Dominguez

Furry Knits and Jacquard Upswing

Furry knits    Jacquard upswing


Furry knits are featured at Textworld USA in NYC.  On the left is a design by Anna Sui, from her Fall/Winter 2013 collection.  It is made up of fringe texture, swirling patterns, and high-pile velour knits.

Shown right, is a Jacquard Upswing look by designer Kevork Kiledjian.  The look is all about couture-inspired, bold weaves, and abstract geometric patterns for the posh woman.  I think this style is very business-chic.

Author- Jessica Dominguez

Pastels Today and Forever – Women’s Streetwear

katespade pink  shop-the-look pastel  RODEBJER pink


Kate Spade’s (shown Left) ,”Pretty in Pink”, look for this Spring’s 2013 collection

is definitely a look that comes along every year.  The next image is a breakdown of a pastel look for Spring.

1. Danniljo earrings    2. Stella Mc Caryney Sweater  3. Diane von Furstenberg clutch

4. Tabbitha Simmons boots   5. J Brand pants  6. Chanel Sky Line nail polish

The most versatile items from this selection would be the pants, earrings, and nail polish.

Carin Rodebjer’s pink cardigan (shown far Right) is yet another classic pastel look that is recycled again and again.  It is

feminine, cutsie, and above all classic. We cannot escape pastels ladies, especially in the Springtime. Will these looks be

around in 2014?  My best guess is most definitely!

Author: Jessica Dominguez

Le Privee’s Take on the Little Black Dress for Valentine’s Day


[Pic courtesy of Retail Design Blog]

Le Privee takes on the, “Little Black Dress”, for this year’s Valentine’s Day.  Remember girls, it doesn’t have to be red or pink to be sexy for your Valentine.

Author- Jessica Dominguez