Menswear Runway / Tradeshow Trends – Present & Future

While pouring through images of the most recent menswear trade shows and runway collections I’m starting to notice a trend in prints, colors, and themes that I believe will carry over in to 2014’s style.

Trend – Hunting Gear Influenced

Lets just call this new style “Huntsman Chic” or “Urban Camouflage”. Bright orange puffy jackets, hats, and accessories litter the runways accompanied by hunter green camouflage jackets, pants, and shirts.








Vest by Michael Bastien







Jacket by Michael Kors




Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2013 Maison_de_la_Cour New York Fashion Week Feb 2013






Scarf by Maison de LaCour




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William Buckley from MRketplace confirms my observations in his recent write up of New York’s most recent Market Week for menwear.

With this season’s New York men’s market at an end, three cyclical trends stood out like sore sartorial thumbs. Across Capsule, Project, Agenda and MRket, it seemed almost every brand present displayed one or more of the F/W ’13 triumvirate: studs, leopard print, and camo. Lots of camo. If we didn’t see camo on a rack or stand in each booth, it was being physically worn by the person(s) there, or finally, failing that, being sat on.

I’d like to point out that Buckley even states that this trend is a cyclical trend, meaning we will continue to see camouflage pop back up in Fall/Winter 2014!

I have to believe that this is part of the trickle up theory in the fashion industry. Since hunting is now commonly a workingman sport, designers are trying to make this a trendy, hip style for white collar men to adopt.