Rainbow Fabrics to Dye For

American Denimatrix<


This design is by American Denimatrix.  The look consists of rainbows of multicolor dyes.  Tye dye is once again emerging with more extreme, dramatic, and sophisticated looks. Shown here in denim,  I suspect teenage girls and guys will take on this style.

Author- Jessica Dominguez


Banana Republic Stripes and Brights

Banana Republic Window Display NYC

[Pic courtesy of MissomniMedia’s Blog]


Banana Republic’s window displays in NYC are bright and sleek.  Pairing stripes with bright colors, and dark blazers with a bright red skirt has a sexy sophistication.


Author- Jessica Dominguez

It’s the year of the Sssssnake!

Some lovely window displays went up in the Big Apple for the Lunar New Year, and while I could have lunmped them into my last post I felt that they needed their own blip.

By: Emily

Visions of your closets future….

ImageFound a great blog in my research for window displays in the 212… and behold, Donna Karan’s nightmare….Almost as bad as the sassy phrased velour track pants and sweats that can be seen on college broads the world over….

TO THE BLOG! http://sohowindows.blogspot.com/

Go to it, it’s neat. A lot of what I’ve spotted in that blog are glimpses of what makes 212 great. Visions of these nooks and crannies, the kind that make out of town folk cringe and locals rejoice. If you can’t find it, you won’t ‘infect’ it with your middle America-ness, amirite??

But beyond that, it also showcases one of the few places in America where you can still find a plethora of small boutiques and businesses that flourish- even if only for a brief time. The good news? Once the light dies on the little boutique, another new flavor of the month is ready to swoop in and take it’s place.

The issue with this blog though is that it’s frightfully slow in updating, which presents quite the challenge for viewers like me. But free press is never on time. And thus- I move on. Google, save me!….

Google…? Hello? Oh, you only have a zillion posts for holiday displays? Santa is great and all- but ….I finally found a flickr stream that’s updated frequently and has the info on when and where this stuff is…. and the results are in: Bright pop colors (Especially LEMON!), mod themes and Leah’s favorite: the Burberry metallics.

By: Emily!